Friday, February 8, 2013

don't settle for best. work harder.

I read an article recently about quitting your job. It was interesting, yes, and provocative, too. If you're bored with life, your job and witnessing your goals, hopes, dreams, aspirations, world changing surges starting to fade or already faded, read these 10 reasons right now.

After you finish reading it once or twice, there's one thing that may have popped out. If not, let me give you my observation in a quick paragraph.

The notion of dreaming and doing big things is intellectually beautiful. But realities are not cheap. They take work, a lot of fucking hard, grueling and, most times, seemingly unrewarding work for long stretches at a time. 

So, I think point 11 on the 10 point list should be: WORK. WORK HARDER. DON'T SETTLE FOR YOUR BEST, EVER. 

Best is nice, but best means that you're not going to be better. That's pretty weak. Especially when we're talking about doing something that really is about following dreams and making them into realities. 

So, if we're looking to do something that matters, that gives us purpose, we can't be afraid to work hard. Further, we can't be afraid to fail. Because we will fail, a lot. But, if it's your dream it's up to you to follow it until it becomes a reality. And when it does, know that it's going to take more hard work to sustain it. 

Now let's all go do something big, pursue whatever it is that we believe in and not sit back waiting for something to be handed to us.   

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