Monday, June 11, 2012

simple texture


  1. What are your thoughts on the variegated boxwood/holly-type plant? I'm wondering if it is too similar in color to the concrete/granite...

  2. It's a little similar, but I like the whole thing in combination. It's a cool little example of planting where the focus isn't on blooming patterns or packing 15 species into a 50 square foot space, it's all about textural relationships.

    I'd say as a composition, with the red brick, the granite and even the fence it works pretty well. This is one garden out of maybe 15 on a block and it's the best.

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  4. Dang, I tried making an 1970s-type esri map of an alternative planting design, but the formatting for the text shows up different when a reply is published...haha

    Anywho, the fencing is real nice, in great shape. I think there is some room to further highlight the textures and plant layering through height - it looks like the grass-type planting is about the same height as the shrub.