Monday, February 7, 2011

natural architecture

There is an interesting article from that reflects on the notion of natural architecture, a movement that seeks to reconnect architecture with nature. The article speaks to the work of Alessandro Rocca, who published 'Natural Architecture' in 2006. The concept behind natural architecture expands on the land art movement and ultimately seeks to merge humanity and the environment. It challenges the standard concept of architecture, to create shelter from nature and instead seeks to embrace nature in shelter.

It seems to me that natural architecture is simply a synonym for landscape architecture. In fact, I would challenge this "architectural" movement and insist that as landscape architects, we strive to design within the constructs of natural systems and bring people closer to the idea of nature.

Agree, disagree, agree to disagree?

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  1. Ed I half agree with you. As an activist approach that uses natural elements to construct architectural art forms, it really becomes more about the message then the movement. Even as landscape architects our profession has evolved to design more explicitly and harmoniously with existing natural system, but it really started with these types of movements. The realization that our methods of material selection, energy use, design styles, etc were negatively affecting the rest of the world around us, is what helped awaken these ideas of sustainability and ecological designs. The ‘building’ must still continue to evolve and become just as interactive as our landscapes are. I don’t believe the answer is a refusal to incorporate existing technologies or to design in a way that looks less technological, but a fusion of the two working in balance.
    Anyway great blog and congrats to you (Ed), Drew, and Ben. I look forward to reading more.