Friday, January 28, 2011

a beta welcome

Dimensions: exploring landscape paradigms is a blog dedicated to the exploration and development of ideas related to landscape architecture, architecture, urban design, land planning and a multitude of related disciplines. As the title suggests, we will be exploring multiple dimensions and paradigms of design, ranging from theoretical dialogues to the pragmatic and conceptual integration of technology into design process and framework.

As the world progresses further into the 21st century design will continue to morph and respond to the shifting needs of society and the way people interact with landscape and structure. This blog was conceived as a tool to understand and react to the continual paradigm shifts of the future and propose new, unique ideas in response.

We intend to address a range of issues and present ideas in a variety of ways. We will pose questions, provide solutions, introduce lessons learned from multiple software platforms, discuss contemporary issues and continually bridge the gap between design disciplines.

This blog will grow through contribution, thus we welcome all comments and suggestions. Most importantly, we encourage YOU to challenge us and critique us in an effort to operate this blog in an open studio format.

Thank you,

the Dimensions team

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